Becoming unhinged?

Date taken:
19 January 2008
Roding Road, Homerton

Underneath the paint, you can still just read:

Take your thieving hands off my garden fence do not come back and put your rubbish, throw your urine and put faeces outside of my garden.

You can always remove this notice from my fence, as much as you like. I soon will put up another one. It's because you are guilty that is why you are removing it. I saw you when you removed it before. If you were not guilty, you would not remove it.

You the culprit know who you are. It is placed at my property I own the fence it belongs to me. You have no right at my fence. Don't come back here. You know where you live and you do not live here. Everybody has a gate and this is not your gate. You are not wanted at my gate, I do not invite you at my gate therefore you have no right at my gate.

The only person to have rights to come inside my gate is the postman who delivers my letters.

So you are not the postman, you are TRESPASSING.

Keep away from my fence and my gate.